All Stars

Dan Bowes

Dan is in the second year of his official involvement and support of CureNFwithJack but actually he has been right there with us since just about day one.  Last year he was on the golf committee where he managed to secure more golfers, more donors, more prizes than anyone, all signage for the event as well as the custom water bottles.  This year he has taken over the role of committee chairperson and again has delivered for Jack.  He has made this a personal thing for him and his family and as much as we can try, we can never really thnk him for the tremendous impact he has made on the lives of Jack and others impacted by NF.  

If that was not enough he also lent his support to the most successful CTF even of the past 12 months, the Cupid's Undie Run.  Truly spectacular.

Joanne McKay

Joanne is a friend of Jack's dad since their days at Medford High School.  This year she had a middle school reunion and asked her classmates to donate to CureNFwithJack raising several hundred dollars.  Previously Joanne and her family have supported Jack by particiapting in a walk up in Massachusetts.  


Matt Benson

Matt attended the Inaugural CureNFwithJack golf tournament in 2012 and quickly decided to host his own event in Washington DC!  Amazingly he pulled off the event in a very short time raising about $25,000 to help fund research to stop NF.  He has already decided to do it again in September of 2013 so get ready if you live in DC to join in on what has become an instant classic event!

Maddie Pattillo

Without a question or suggestion, our good friend and neighbor, Maddie Pattillo told us that she was going to devote her 13th birthday party in July to arranging a garage sale with her friends, with all proceeds going to help cure NF with Jack. The day demanded a lot of work, a lot of organization, and a lot of commitment. We should not be surprised, but this remarkable girl surpassed all expectations, and raised $1500 by the afternoon! With people like Maddie in this world, NF may soon be a thing of the past. She is an inspiration and role model for Jack and other children, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Michael Pisciotta